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Customer reviews

Kind words -

"Absolutely love these shoes!! I have three pairs of mules and one pair of slides and they are all excellent quality and super comfortable. Can’t recommend them enough!! I’m addition to this, the service is super friendly and accommodating." ~ Louise Fox (April 2020)

"Absolutely love my Holly & Hide shoes! They are super comfortable and so stylish. Elegant design & beautifully made." ~ Cindy Kullmann (February 2020)


"Absolutely love my H+H collection - possibly the most comfortable slides I own. So far, I have the Zimi, Frankie, Poppy and Willow and am beyond in love with them. The team at Holly + Hide are always so helpful and respond to any enquiries really fast. Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.♥️" ~ Amy (January 2020)


"I’ve had my Frankie slides for 18months now and I’ve never worn a pair of shoes so much! The quality is amazing and somehow still look great after so much wear. They are my go-to for so many outfits and make my more basic outfits much more fun! ❤️" ~ Candice (November 2019)


"Absolutely love my Holly + Hides (Zahli, Zimi & Nala). They are my go to shoes as they are so comfortable & well made, but most of all they go with any outfit! I can't wait to add more to my growing collection. thank you H+H! xoxo" ~ Kayla (August 2019)


"I absolutely loved my purchase experience with Holly + Hide however I LOVED wearing them even more. I have owned two pairs, the Sahara and Poppy. Super comfortable and the best way to glam up any outfit (without having to wear heels). The leather let’s your feet breathe when it’s super hot (and to be honest, mine got wet walking in the rain with my daughter and were completely fine)! Loved loved loved my H+H slides and know her next customer will be as satisfied. 100% worth supporting! 💗" ~ Natalie (Singapore, June 2019)