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Our story

holly + hide is an Australian slides label that encourages you to embrace the wilder side of human experiences with open arms and comfortable feet.
The label was founded on the iconic shores of Manly Beach by Holly, a lawyer with an undying passion to take risks and pursue something true to her heart. Life’s too short for ‘what ifs,' right?
With a sense of adventure and unwavering belief in the product, holly + hide was born and thrust online for the world to see and wear.
holly + hide is inspired by the woman with the confidence to rock anything on any given day, particularly on her feet. We believe in the power of self-love, and feeling that love in whatever you wear.
Fuelled by a longstanding love affair with vibrant prints, vivacious colours and lush textures, holly + hide honours effortless style. The pieces have been designed with every girl in mind, allowing her to embrace her inner wild with every step.
Every piece in the collection is handmade, with resilient pride and meticulous care applied to every creation. The delicate craftsmanship and use of natural products means that no two pieces are identical, a true testament to holly + hide's status as a unique, independent label.
These slides are to be worn often, and to be worn well, regardless of the occasion. They've been built for long summer days, exotic destinations, vacays, and cocktails with friends, transporting you to the carefree days that create the most memorable experiences. 
holly + hide make slides that will quickly become your favourite pair, letting you walk to places you could only dream of. After all, wild hearts aren’t meant to be tamed.
holly + hide slides are sold via our online boutique and shipped Australia-wide.